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Clouded Border

Clouded Border Moth – Lomaspilis marginata

Lomaspilis marginata

I came across this rather attractive black and white moth whilst walking in Keilder Forest in Northumbria. It’s a Clouded Border Lomaspilas marginata. Although it’s a night-flyer it can often be found resting on undergrowth during the day. Most often in woodland and with a preference for damper localities.

The markings can vary both in pattern and colour – just as often the ‘black’ much like this example is actually more of a dark chocolate brown. Males usually having more black than females. Occasionally almost all white or black specimens are found but these are rare. Adults are usually found flying between May and July. The larvae usually feed on the leaves of Aspen and Sallow, but can be found on Poplar, Birch and Hazel. The green caterpillar has a brown head with five yellow bands running around the body. Pupation takes place below ground and can take up to 4 years.

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