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Marbled White

Marble White Butterfly

Melnargia galathea – Female

This morning I reluctantly trudged through the mud down to Jones’s Mill nature reserve to do my monthly Riverfly survey. To be honest I’m not always in the mood for it and sometimes would rather be doing something else, like laying in bed. It can get a bit monotonous in as much as I can pretty much predict the result and quantity of each of the eight species I’ll record. I guess there’s only so many river invertebrates you can count before you start to lose the will to live. Yet the sun was doing it’s best to steam some puddles and as I splashed across Big 40 towards the wood my mood was lifted by the sight of dancing butterflies, a mixture of orange-splashed Meadow Browns and bitter-chocolate Ringlets. To lift my damp spirits further, just as I started my first kick-sample I flushed a metallic blue-green Beautiful Demoiselle damselfly Calopteryx virgo from the reeds. Sadly my camera was in my rucksack. Not a lot of use in there is it? Read more

Early sunbather

Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly

Libellula depressa – Immature male

Whilst surveying T1 the first section of my bumblebee transect at Morgans Hill I came across this little beauty soaking up the sun amongst the brambles. It’s a freshly emerged male Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly Libellulla depressa. In its immature colouring it almost has the look of a giant wasp or hornet but it’ll soon transform into its adult blue colouring. He’s a little early this year, no doubt spurred on by the fabulously warm spring weather.