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Notable Beetle records for Wiltshire

ptinus sexpunctatus

Six-spotted spider beetle, Ptinus sexpunctatus

  1. Trichosirocalus rufulus Curculionidae 5 April 2020
    Mark Gurney, Swindon. New for Wiltshire
  2. Paederus caligatus Staphylinidae 25 April 2020
    Colin Easton, Canada Common. New for South Wiltshire VC8
  3. Ptinus sexpunctatus Ptinidae 10 May 2020
    Nathalie Leyland, Teffont Magna. New for South Wiltshire VC8
  4. Pyrrhidium sanguineum Cerambycidae 18 May 2020
    Sue Walker, Farley. New for Wiltshire
  5. Luperomorpha xanthodera Chrysomelidae 25 May 2020
    Marc Arbuckle, Melksham. New for Wiltshire
  6. Plateumaris bracata Chrysomelidae 25 May 2020
    Marc Arbuckle, Royal Wootton Basset. New for North Wiltshire VC7
  7. Pseudocistela ceramboides Tenebrionidae 10 June 2020
    Paul Darby, Oare. Last recorded in Wiltshire in 2001
  8. Podagrica fuscicornis Chrysomelidae 14 June 2020
    Mark Gurney. Latton. Not recorded in VC7 since the 1930s
  9. Clitostethus arcuatus Coccinellidae 15 June 2020
    Antony Coles. Foxham. New for Wiltshire

Note: Records checked using iRecord, Living Record, the WSBRC the NBN Atlas and Wiltshire Beetles Darby 2009. However, it is possible there are records awaiting submission or that I am currently unaware of.

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